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DATA NEWS: InfoUK focuses on innovation in bid to capture B2B data market

InfoUK has launched an online portal ( aimed at generating traction and differentiating itself in the UK business data market.

The site is the first glimpse into InfoUK's strategy, which is designed to help it grow into a dominant player in the business data market, following its launch earlier this year.

The first generation functionality on the site includes a ‘look-a-likes' feature, which allows users access leads and prospects with a similar profile to their core customers, as well as instant access to business data in a range of formats.

These features will be supplemented with new functionality in coming months, including a one-stop email marketing package, combining creative, data and fulfilment, which will go live by the end of the year. "We're realigning data as part of the marketing mix," comments Andy Taylor, head of marketing & product at InfoUK.
Further applications will be developed in response to feedback from site visitors, with the aim of building applications in direct consultation with users.

Richard Lloyd, general manager of InfoUK, explains that a key objective of the site was for it to appeal to two diverse audience groups. "We have designed the site to benefit experienced marketers and new users of business data alike. The site is user and need-specific so that customers have simple and easy access to more targeted and profitable new business opportunities. It's not just about new business acquisition; it's about providing the right type of prospects and leads to support better business."

Meanwhile, the task of constructing InfoUK's bespoke B2B database is continuing
with a total of one million records now available, due to rise to 2.1 million within the next year. Significantly, the one million figure also includes one million fully opted-in email addresses - which is understood to make it the number one supplier of B2B email data, as well as half a million mobile phone numbers. To date, SMS has not emerged as a viable B2B channel, purely because of the lack of data. InfoUK's file therefore makes this an option for the first time.

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