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DATA NEWS: Mardev unveils Mardev Online

Business targeting specialist Mardev has launched a new online data delivery tool, Mardev Online, which it says will give users the ability to define their target audience better.

Mardev Online's features include additional selection categories including drive time/distance, legal status, years trading as well as geography, business activities and company size.

Zina Manda, director at Mardev, said "We are very excited to be able to bring this premium product to market via simple online count engine. Data that was previously out of reach for smaller business users and sales people looking to generate new business leads is now available to all comers regardless of the size of their budget.

"This is a contact centric database that will deliver the user to not only the right front doors, but the right desks in the right departments."

Mardev's software was developed by Blue Tahiti Software of Bristol, who conducted the demonstrations at the tool's launch at TFM&A