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DATA NEWS: OPT-4 bridges gap between data protection and usage

Direct marketing industry stalwarts Rosemary Smith and Jenny Moseley are the brains behind a new consultancy service designed to help marketers balance data compliance with data usage strategies.

The company is called Opt-4 and functions alongside Smith and Moseley's existing businesses, RSA Direct and Grange Direct respectively. Its launch is a formalisation of work which the pair had been conducting together for clients on an increasing but irregular basis, and follows their collaboration on a new book about data protection, which was published in 2004.

Moseley comments, “Clients are asking for a range of solutions, from audits into current data protection practice, to help minimising opt-outs. Opt-4 is designed to help bridge the gap between internal compliance or legal advice and marketing departments.”

Smith adds, “Direct marketing companies are starting to pay attention to the small print; badly worded permission statements are often responsible for high opt-out levels and customer alienation.”


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