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DATA NEWS: PH Group retains deal with rival data partner

  Rolf Hickmann

B2B data analytics company PH Group has retained its agreement to work with data partner D&B, despite being recently acquired by its market rivals Experian.

PH Group's MD, Rolf Hickmann, says a long working relationship with D&B before July's acquisition by Experian means it has managed to secure a deal to keep accessing its data to produce the PH Megafile.

"We explained to D&B that we would continue to treat its data confidentially, and because we've had a long standing relationship with them spanning 20 years there is an element of trust there. We have agreed to specific terms that include our promise to keep their data strictly for use in our own systems," he says. D&B meanwhile said it "declined to comment on commercial issues".

PH Group has also revealed that it will continue to work with its other data partners, including Market Location, Thomson and Prospect Swetenhams, as well as new owners Experian, to compile the PH Megafile. Built-up over 20 years, the file contains 12 million monthly updated business records at a contact, site and company level, and it widely considered to be the UK's most comprehensive B2B database.

PH Group has worked with a number of data partners over the past ten years, but its longest standing relationship is with D&B, which it has worked alongside since the company was founded in 1987.

Hickmann adds that PH Group will be using the tie up with Experian to blend B2C data into its existing database to "understand how the people behind the businesses work."

Experian announced its purchase of PH Group in July, ending months of speculation.


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