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DATA NEWS: RAC uses Experian business data to speed up roadside assistance

The RAC has become the latest customer of Experian for its National Business Database (NBD), but not for use on business marketing or mailings. Instead, company location data is being used to help the RAC patrols to locate broken down motorists more quickly and with better accuracy.

Call centre agents at the RAC's Breakdown Assistance Centre have been given access to two million NBD records, including details of their names, addresses together with a description of their appearance.

These details can then be used by agents to help pin-point the location of stranded RAC members based on their immediate surroundings. Agents can also advise members on appropriate places to wait for breakdown assistance, such as a nearby supermarket or café.

Simon Sheldon, head of customer solutions at RAC, comments, “breaking down is a stressful situation for our members and it's important that our call centre agents are able to provide the reassurance required and ensure that the service provided meets our very high standards. This data from Experian helps us to validate exactly where the member is, an essential requirement when they do not necessarily know themselves.”

Records provided are updated by Experian on a monthly basis.