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DATA NEWS: Read takes suppression to the masses

The Read Group is aiming to help SMEs transform their direct marketing activity via a new online data suppression and cleansing service which is due to go live this month. has been designed to appeal to companies who were previously unable or unwilling to use its unique B2B suppression service, either directly or through a broker.

Marcus Oxlade, business development manager at The Read Group, claims the new service offers market leading data cleansing functionality, as well as other data hygiene functionality such as de-duping. “It's much more just a suppression service,” he says.

The interface has been designed to be highly simple and intuitive for non-tech-savvy users. Marketers are required to upload their data via an FTP service, after which they are able to choose which of the nine separate filters to run their data through, to either cleanse or suppress records. This will make lists more accurate and more effective, thereby boosting ROI on campaigns.

The service is charged on a per-match basis, enabling users to pick and choose which filters they wish to use to refine their database, with the cost of using each option specified upfront. Oxlade explains this is designed to ensure transparency and enhance its appeal to SMEs with limited data budgets – he claims companies mailing to a database of at least 10,000 will benefit from this service. A £250 annual licence fee is also charged.

Functionality will ultimately be extended to offer credit checking; data enhancement/ appendage; data purchase to bolster campaigns; and ultimately segmentation.

Suppression is widely used in B2C marketing, but continues to be ignored by many companies in B2B. Oxlade says there were a number of reasons for this: “B2B companies thought they couldn't afford it, or didn't recognise [suppression] as an issue, or thought it is too complicated, or they were worried about data security. It's been out of their reach before, but Myb2bonline packages it up for them with a simple and straightforward interface.”


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