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DATA NEWS: Royal Mail enhances data quality for marketers

Marketers will receive cleaner data thanks to Royal Mail's changes to its national change of address portfolio (NCOA).

Royal Mail is bringing two new propositions to market. NCOA Suppress, allowing for weekly and daily updates for goneaway suppression and cleansing, as well as NCOA Update that will allow users to update address details with new forwarding details.

To support the launch of its new products, Royal Mail is offering the monthly NCOA Suppress Licence free for the first year to resellers and mailing agents who buy NCOA Update.

Keith Jones, head of data strategy at Royal Mail, said, "Using the most accurate Redirection and PAF cleansed data, NCOA Suppress and NCOA Update provide additional peace of mind for database managers, with added flexibility for a more inclusive approach to goneaway cleansing and suppression."