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DATA NEWS: Royal Mail launches unaddressed mail targetting tool

Royal Mail has launched a new online service to help marketers better target unaddressed mail campaigns.

The online service, Customer Finder, will make it easier for marketers to target new business clients while allowing advertisers to tailor their campaign data to meet specific requirements.

Customer Finder users will be able to choose targets using granular search criteria and build maps and reports, allowing for a greater return on investment. National and regional TV or radio advertising will now be able to be supported by leaflet drops delivered only to businesses and customers living within specific areas that the ads will target.

Phillip Rickets, head of door to door strategy, marketing and sales at Royal Mail, said: "Door to Door is an effective way for companies to advertise their products and services, and this development will help them get even more from their budgets and reduce waste by helping them reach out to their intended audiences.

"Making Door to Door even more effective, and improving the relevance of items consumers receive, will also enable us to increase our market share in a responsible way."