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DATA NEWS: Royal Mail takes on B2B data specialists

Royal Mail is aiming to break into the B2B data market, and unveiled its own data solution named Data Sure on April 2.

The product will carry out initial data audits for companies, before cleansing and enhancing databases and issuing profiling reports with recommendations.

Royal Mail is believed to have been considering such a product for some years and will be entering a congested marketplace for B2B data services which includes companies such as Information Arts and Blue Sheep.

Simon Lawrence, CEO of Information Arts does not believe the service will rival the products offered by other industry experts: "This service may be of particular interest to SMEs. Maybe the Royal Mail has seen a gap in the market, but I don't expect it to affect us. It doesn't seem to be offering anything new," he says.

The post office will be supplementing several data products already within their portfolio, such as the business changes file, with information from other B2B data providers D&B and Experian.

"All businesses are under greater pressure than ever to win new business and improve sales, but budgets to achieve this have never been tighter in such difficult economic times," says Tony Lamb, head of data development at Royal Mail.

"Often the fastest and most cost-effective route to win new business is from existing customers, or prospects that look most like existing customers," adds Lamb.


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