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DATA NEWS: Thomson Local partners up with European B2B directory

 Thomson Local has announced that it is to enter a partnership with European B2B directory, Europages.

Thomson Local will become its exclusive UK agent and partner. The deal will grant UK businesses access to European markets at UK call rates.

Europages holds data on over 900,000 European and international suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in a variety of business sectors across 35 countries. It hopes to benefit from the partnership by gaining insight into the UK SME market through Thomson Local. It also looks set to cash in on the 275 million searches that go through each month - significantly more than its current traffic levels which stands at around 1.1 million searches each month - and drive more customers to its own website.

Gary Brown, product and marketing director, Thomson Local, says, "The partnership is great news for companies that want to promote themselves in Europe. Thomson Local manages the entire process in one phone call; we provide free translations into 15 languages, and of course, we are UK based meaning UK call rates and UK office hours. The partnership will give advertisers numerous opportunities to generate leads for their business."

From the beginning of June, all new customers will have access to the joint Thomson Local-Europages directory.

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