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DATA NEWS: Thomson offers email analytics

Thomson Directories' business information division is looking to broaden the appeal of its email data offering with a new analytics-based proposition.

The new service is branded eMarketing Advantage, and is being offered through an IDS data solution that was implemented at Thomson by Alterian earlier this year. New services include data intelligence, results profiling analysis and data augmentation.

However, Jane Byrne, product manager at Thomson, says eMarketing Advantage is not aimed at enabling the data owner to compete directly with specialist data agencies such as Information Arts or PH Group. “The motivation was to allow us to improve on what we are doing already, and provide an extra dimension for our clients.”

Byrne explains that the service will enable Thomson to target email marketing services to larger companies: its current core market currently is SMEs, she says, but the greater level analytical component will be of interest to larger organisations with more strategic marketing requirements. “The bigger the database, the bigger the level of insight we can offer,” says Byrne.

She also says that it will help Thomson to better understand its clients requirements in terms of the data it provides. “For example, it will allow us to make sure we are collecting the right kind of client data, and if not we use Thomson's resources to facilitate this.” She says Thomson will look to gather the email data required by its customers. “There are lots of opportunities which this service presents.”