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DATA NEWS: UK companies ‘sceptical’ about big data claims

Major UK companies across a variety of sectors are sceptical about claims made by big data vendors, according to new research.

Babel PR’s research, which includes feedback from companies with more than 1000 employees, also suggests companies considering big data solutions want to hear more about the specific benefits products will deliver, and that they place little value on the more general discussions surrounding big data itself.

Ian Hood, managing director of Babel PR said: “Few technology market sectors have been so dramatically hyped as big data and the danger for all vendors is that they misjudge the peak of the hype cycle we are currently experiencing.

“From a communications perspective, there can be real benefits in ‘riding the hype wave’ but you don’t want to get dumped when it breaks.”

A full version of the research, which was carried out by Vanson Bourne last month, is available over on the Babel PR website.