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DATA NEWS: WhatIf gains better view of customer data with Microsoft CRM solution

Innovation consultancy WhatIf is aiming to drive a range of marketing and data benefits from a new Navision CRM solution from Microsoft Business Solutions which it is rolling out globally in January.

The new system has been implemented by Microsoft reseller QSSD, which has customised it to WhatIf's requirements. Around 30 users in London, Manchester, New York and Sydney will have access to the system, which will contain details of around 3500 of the consultancy's clients.

The Navision system replaces a five year old solution called Rebus, which was designed for architecture clients and which the company has outgrown.

Edward Parsons, general manager of WhatIf, says the integration will create, “a single version of the truth.” He explains that the benefits of the system will be, “greater security, stability, reliability and flexibility.”

He continues, “there were three critical decision making factors which placed Microsoft Navision ahead of other products we looked at: value for money, ease of configuration at the user interface (which was important to a team of people with a keen eye for design); and a wide range of functionality – from job costing to contact management.”

The implementation process has taken six months.