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DEMAND GENERATION NEWS: B2B marketers underestimate loyalty schemes

B2B marketers are more likely to choose an ad campaign over a loyalty scheme according to research from Nectar Business.

The survey revealed 63 per cent of senior B2B marketers have never considered implementing or joining a loyalty scheme.

The research, designed to gauge the priorities for marketing professionals in 2011, revealed acquisition of new customers as a top priority by 53 per cent of respondents and yet only 19 per cent believe loyalty schemes are a useful way of attracting new customers.

The incentives provider claims the research reveals marketers are ‘missing a trick'. Louise Isaacs, head of Nectar Business said, "B2B Marketing professionals who have written off being part of a loyalty scheme thinking it's expensive or not as worthy an investment are missing a trick.

"B2B marketers can learn a lot from the data-driven approach [in the consumer space] which can ensure that businesses understand their customers and are giving them the offers, benefits and loyal customer experience they really want."

The survey was completed by 100 senior UK marketing professionals and conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Nectar Business.

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