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DEMAND GENERATION NEWS: Catalogues are still delivering sales

As marketers are being urged to go digital, Catalogues 4 Business has revealed the traditional medium of business catalogues is among the top four key tools to deliver sales.

The catalogue marketers surveyed 123 B2B and B2C businesses and revealed the top four strategies for delivering sales were an ecommerce website, email marketing, catalogues and a field sales force. The report showed over 35 per cent of respondents said more than half of their total sales from last year came from a catalogue.

Despite the apparent popularity of catalogues, respondents also saw the importance of integrating ecommerce into their websites. Companies who use catalogues, and those who do not, see a website with ecommerce functionality as the most important tool for delivering sales.

Integration seemed key for all participants as when asked about the sales tools currently being used the response was fairly staggered. Email was out in front being chosen by most respondents (84 per cent), then ecommerce, networking, direct mail, social media, brochures and advertising all sat at a similar level of popularity.

Of the 123 people Catalogues 4 Business surveyed, 24 percent worked in B2C, 42 per cent worked in B2B and 34 per cent worked across both. Download the full report from the Catalogues 4 Business website.