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DEMAND GENERATION NEWS: Leap year is a match made in heaven for businesses

Forget the marriage proposals, this leap year sees businesses benefit from £1.6 billion pounds of productivity from their employees.

Research from creative agency Gyro revealed that over 21 million full time employees will work an average of 7.5 hours on 29th February, equaling a bonus of £213,000,000 per hour for UK companies.

Patrick Danaher, marketing director at Gyro London thinks businesses should use the day as a chance to engage employees. “With the extra bank holiday being granted in June this year for the Queen’s Jubilee I wonder whether UK bosses have welcomed this year’s leap year as a counterbalance to the extra day’s holiday. At gyro we recognised that the leap year is an additional work day and we wanted our teams to use their hours differently - use the time to find inspiration outside of the norm, supporting our belief that business ideas can be ignited through new experiences and thinking.”