DEMAND GENERATION NEWS: Multichannel campaigns and SEO key in 2011

Content-driven, multichannel marketing will be a major theme in 2011, according to an ecommerce survey carried out by Endeca Technologies.

The search and business intelligence organisation surveyed both B2B and B2C organisations to garner an understanding of the marketing landscape.

Significant findings from the B2B organisations interviewed included 70 per cent of respondents stating that their experiences as consumers were increasingly shaping their expectations of B2B messages.

Sixty-eight per cent ranked the personalisation of messages as being the key B2C tactic influencing B2B thinking, while the online catalogue and SEO also ranked highly.

When asked to state the main initiatives shaping 2011 B2B respondents highlighted conversion rates and search engine optimisation (SEO), leveraging product content across channels, and developing more robust product information as the top areas of focus.