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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Akzo Nobel to redesign global website platform

Akzo Nobel has appointed Brand Advocate London to redesign its global decorative paint brands website platform. The appointment follows a competitive pitch.

Akzo Nobel's eight branded products, which include Dulux, Coral, Marshall, Vivechrom, Sico, Levis, Alba and Flexa, are aimed at homeowners, professional painters and commercial contractors.

Working across 12 geographies, including Brasil, Turkey, Greece, The Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, France, Canada, UK and the Nordics, it is hoped that the new platform will provide a 'rich and immersive' digital experience.

Liam Bulson, global consumer emarketing leader of Akzo Nobel Decorative Paints, said: "It is essential for us to provide a market-leading experience at all levels of communication, with our various customer segments across all our number of international territories."

"Brand Advocate London greatly impressed and inspired us with their experience of working with global brands and their strategic thinking," he added.

Trefor Thomas, creative director of Brand Advocate London, added: "Most of us are surrounded, on a daily basis, by decorative paints in interiors. One of the key challenges is to bring out the emotion involved, in a way that is inspiring to consumers across the world. People view decoration very differently, and this requires a relevant local and global approach, to speak to all of the varying customer segments."