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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: British SMEs leverage digital media for aggressive growth

UK small and medium-sized businesses are embracing new forms of digital media to boost their businesses, according to a Culture Index (BCI) survey produced by Kantar Media and SME think tank CultureMap.

The research shows that of the UK's 4.7 million SMEs, 38 per cent have set themselves aggressive growth targets. Of these, more than one in ten already exploit mobile marketing internet sites or services for business, compared to only two per cent of those SMEs not seeking to grow.

In a market where mobile internet penetration among mobile phone owners has reached only 33 per cent to date, it shows a keen appreciation of getting on board with a burgeoning trend early and exploiting it before competitors pick it up.
The most popular means for self promotion among SMEs are oriented around digital media. For example, 18 per cent of all SMEs and 23 per cent of those with ambitious growth forecasts use social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to market themselves. Company websites are also of particular importance for SMEs seeking to market themselves (used by 25 per cent of SMEs), along with recommendations/word-of-mouth (29 per cent) and door drops (15 per cent). 
Daniel Flynn, director at Kantar Media said, "Media owners and marketers need to be conscious of the enormous potential value of those SMEs who are seeking to exploit new media and digital channels and who use the recent downturn as an opportunity to market themselves and thrive rather than simply get by. With SMEs accounting for 56 per cent of the UK workforce and 52 per cent of its turnover, it is a market whose importance and potential should not be underestimated."