DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: BT Global launches X Prize podcast series

BT Global Services is aiming to promote its business services to global decision makers through a new series of video podcasts that will present solutions to their business challenges. 

The telecoms company partnered with an educational non-profit institute The X Prize Foundation in the US and began rolling out ‘Innovation in Action' podcasts on February 25, 2009. These have been designed to bring ideas, based on BT's range of services, to entrepreneurs and companies to help them to cut costs, reduce their energy consumption and still maintain their day-to-day activities.

Commenting on the company's involvement in the initiative, "We're glad to lend our expertise in this first release to showcase how businesses can catalyse innovation to cut energy costs and more effectively collaborate with customers," says Neil Blakesley, vice president of strategy, marketing and propositions, BT Global Services, on the company's involvement.

Each of the podcast video's episodes features a company, entrepreneur or individual leveraging on methods from BT Global services to address problems at their workplace.

The first episode was based on the company, Cameron a provider of flow equipment products, systems and services, and how through BT's IT network solutions was able to reduce its energy consumption.

The remaining 25 podcasts will be broadcasted until 2011. The forthcoming podcasts will also feature organisations from other parts of the world, with the focus on sectors important to BT's business structure and include commerce, health and life sciences, media and broadcast and financial services.


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