Deloitte already uses audio content

Deloitte will up its game in the Web 2.0 stakes this year with the launch of online TV content to promote its brand in the UK.

The global auditing and financial services firm says the medium is a "key focus" for it in 2008 as it seeks to build stronger relationships with clients, bolster recruitment opportunities and communicate with new business prospects.

"Video content is very much in demand now and we will be pushing (the medium) and using more of it this year," says Sharon Bennett, head of online solutions at Deloitte. "We currently have a good library of podcasts and audiocasts which we want to take to the next level."

Deloitte has recruited video production agencies CTN and Broadview to develop the multimedia content, which will be rolled out later this year. Plans include using online TV content to promote thought leadership and allowing Deloitte's graduate bloggers, which are key in attracting new recruits to the business, to post video blogs.

"One thing we're keen to do is have our partners talk around a hot topic with clients, so that we're giving an unbiased view on things as opposed to just the view of Deloitte," adds Bennett. "We want to use video to demonstrate our breadth of understanding in the market so that we're not just seen as auditors."

As blogging and social networking sites become increasingly commonplace B2B marketing tools, brands must find new ways of using Web 2.0 technology to gain an edge, says Broadview programme director Nicholas Walton. "In a competitive B2B marketplace, it's becoming increasingly important to use these means to differentiate the organisation and educate prospects and clients," he says.

Although details are yet to be finalised, Deloitte is expected to roll out the first of its online TV content in the second half of the year, in global markets as well as in the UK.

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