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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: The Digital Partnership brings bizographics to the UK

B2B digital advertising network The Digital Partnership (TDP) has signed a deal with audience targeting platform and advertising network Bizo to introduce Bizo's bizographic ad targeting system to the UK.

Bizographics is the study of the anonymous business demographics of a person, including data such as industry, company size, functional area, seniority, education, gender and location.

The agreement will give TDP access to more then six million UK unique users using bizographics.

Bizo's targeting platform enables advertisers to reach precise business audiences online through behavioural targeting and re-targeting technology.

Bizo verifies its bizographic data across all of its data partners and creates a feedback loop with advertising partners to optimize the ads for each professional user.

Through machine learning and precedence algorithms, Bizo says it selects the best data from over 300 different data sources such as company databases, publisher websites, online profiles, and registration forms, to ensure quality that improves over time.

Matt Gower, TDP MD, adds: "Digital B2B advertising in the UK is still primarily used for sales generation.  Just 7 per cent of respondents to a recent survey of B2B marketing professionals, conducted by the IAB, said they used online media for brand-building. 

"This means there is huge market potential and we believe this bizographics technology, now accessible via TDP, provides just the re-assurance marketers are looking for to trial brand-building, and expand sales generation, in the digital world."