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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: ExactTarget acquisition aims to integrate interactive marketing

ExactTarget's new acquisition is claimed to enable businesses to manage social media, email and mobile communications from one platform.

The email marketing company has acquired CoTweet, a platform that allows companies to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard, track conversations and create follow-up tasks.

The new purchase is designed to create a solution for managing communications across all interactive marketing channels. ExactTarget said many businesses are quick to harness social media marketing but are having trouble integrating it with other forms of digital communications.

It quotes Forrester Research as predicting social media marketing will grow faster than any other form of interactive marketing. Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget co-founder and chief executive officer said, "By combining the power of ExactTarget and CoTweet, we can provide businesses a complete solution to tie together all forms of interactive communications and drive deeper customer engagement online."