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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Fresh Egg cracks call source with new tool

The potential to measure integrated online marketing has taken a step forward with a new system that integrates telemarketing with Google Analytics.

SEO and web analytics company, Fresh Egg launched a new conversion tracking application called 'CalltrackID' on March 9 to SMEs and corporate companies using Google Analytics.

By identifying the referrer source, CalltrackID allows SEO agencies to establish if sales calls are from a pay-per-click advertising or organic SEO results from an integrated marketing campaign. This enables companies to track and measure ROI.

Fresh Egg SEO and analytics expert, Nikki Rae and the company's programming team created the telephone tracking application, starting from October 2008.

"We always found it frustrating when we couldn't track the success of a telephone call as part of a traffic conversion report, when telephone enquiries are arguably the most valuable conversions of all," says Rae.

Clients using the service are assigned a telephone number for sales and information enquiries, or for the route that leads businesses to their site. Each telephone call is routed through a call management system that matches the call number with the pre-defined entry route. The telephone call data is then integrated with CalltrackID in Google Analytics, along with existing web analytics reporting data, to generate reports and recommendations for online marketing activity.


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