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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Google ad push squares up to Microsoft


 Google's billboard campaign

Google has launched its first major UK advertising push in an attempt to win a share of the market dominated by Microsoft's office services.

The advertising campaign is running across six countries using the strapline "Gone Google" and is being run by Google Enterprises, the division behind the search engine's business use product and its applications such as Google Mail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Earth and digital security products.

The campaign's strapline "Gone Google" refers to the 1.7m businesses that the company claims use its services.

The campaign consists of 21 different ads that will run over the course of four weeks on outdoor billboards, digital locations, print and online.

Previously Google has placed targeted ads in the trade press and piggybacked mobile phone makers and networks campaigns showing off the internet capability of services.

The ads' straplines aim to convince users of the superiority of Google's products, such as "Day 9: Email inbox is full. Grrr!!! Go Google?", and "Day 15: Attaching documents is so 1990s. Go Google?".

Dave Armstrong, head of marketing for Google Enterprise for Europe, Middle East and Africa says the campaign reflects Google's different approach to bringing products to the enterprise market. "

It is the first and very highly visible integrated ad campaign that we have run. Gone Google is a concept that we are at a tipping point where you [businesses] need to move to a new model."