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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Marketing via social media faces tighter controls from ASA

Marketing via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will face increased controls under new restrictions set to be introduced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ASA has agreed to a set of proposals to tighten some digital marketing practices, including advertising on a company's own website, micro-site campaigns and social networking activity.

The ASA currently polices all paid-for digital advertising including banners and display ads in the same it does for TV, press, poster and radio ads, ensuring they are honest, truthful, legal and responsible.

It is believed that the new restrictions will come to force in the third quarter this year after a consultation on the proposals.

Rae Burdon, chief operating officer at the Advertising Association said, "The industry has delivered a clear mandate that first and foremost will protect consumers and children [and] that will also protect editorial content."