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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Mitel launches video channel

Software communications provider Mitel has launched an on-demand video website, Mitel TV.

Mitel TV is an online resource of video service designed to assist channels in the sales process and as an educational tool. The website comes complete with playlists and on-demand videos that can either be watched in their entirety or by chapters.

"Traditional vendor portals provide channels with a vast array of information that is often difficult and time consuming to access during a meeting with a customer or prospect," said Mitel EMEA marketing communications manager Duncan Miller.

"Mitel has simplified this and the sales process for channels and customers as much as possible.With the new era of on-demand video, customers expect much more from their web browsing experience in terms of multimedia rich content."

Users can now access customer experiences and Mitel is planning a role out of product reviews, demonstrations and webinars over the coming months.

Registered users will be able to access more content, such as the latest videos, special offers and promotions via a Mitel TV Newsletter.

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