DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Sodexo pioneers Web 2.0 TV channel


 The video diaries can be accessed
via Sodexo's main website

Food and facilities management company Sodexo says it has launched the first Internet TV channel to be broadcast using a Web 2.0 format.


It has launched, which features interactive video diaries of Sodexo employees from around the world. Visitors to the site can browse videos by country or area of expertise and can vote for their favourites. To launch the site, Sodexo is showcasing daily experiences of 100 of its ‘heroes' from 16 different countries.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Sodexo's services and, it says, aims to recognise employees who are doing an "excellent job".

To launch the site, Sodexo is also running a competition for its 350,000 employees around the world. Colleagues are invited to fill in a questionnaire at the end of the 100 days of the ‘heroes' experiences, the answers of which will be broadcast in video format, with over 11,000 prizes to be won.

The video diaries are accessible via Sodexo's main website and externally, is being advertised on news and information websites.

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