DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: Teachers' union employs Intimis Tracker to recruit members

Education union the Association of Teachers and Lecturers is using Intimis Tracker to help drive conversions from student to newly qualified member level.

Intimis Tracker uses Personal URLs (PURLs) to track a user's interaction within a website in order to measure engagement for sales/marketing follow-up.

ATL student membership is free but when members begin teaching practice they need to buy a Newly Qualified membership in order to protect themselves legally.

By issuing PURLs to final year students, Intimis is able to identify individuals that click through to the online joining form and then segments them by distinguishing between those reaching the direct debit form before navigating away and those that don't.

The ATL sales department is then able to break prospects down into Gold, Silver and Bronze targets for follow-up by marketers.

By prioritising only those that are most likely to convert it is able to make considerable cost savings.

David Byrne, external relations manager at ATL says, "By definition all student that take up free membership are warm prospects, however a relatively small number will then go on to take on full paid membership once they've qualified.

By focusing marketing spend on those that have demonstrated a clear interest in taking up Newly Qualified membership we are able to bring down cost per acquisition to around £3. Through Tracker we're able to balance that outlay against those prospects that are most likely to become long-term members."