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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: UK marketers lead the way in email marketing

UK marketers are significantly more adept at multi-channel marketing then their European counterparts.

A study by marketing solutions company Exact Target found that almost 70% of UK marketers demonstrate significantly higher understanding of multi-channel marketing than any other country.

"UK marketers are harnessing the power of multi-channel messaging more frequently than marketers in any other country," said Exact Target general manager and co-founder Peter McCormick. 

"However, much like their contemporaries in the United States, UK marketers often mistake consumers' personal communication preferences with their marketing communication preferences," he added.

While 59% of marketers can measure the results of their multi-channel campaigns, only half of them can measure whether efforts in one channel boost results in another.

Budget constraints were also discovered to pose a further threat to progress. Nearly two-thirds of marketers report that the channels they use often compete with each other for budget resources.

The study also found uncertainty regarding how email will be affected by emerging channels such as social media and mobile marketing.

Half of marketers believe that email marketing will be as effective in two years as it is today, with a third believing that it will be even more effective.

However 12% of marketers believe email will be less effective in two years due to the sheer volume of unwanted marketing emails cluttering customer inboxes daily.

One in five marketers believe social media will detract from current email marketing efforts and 12% of marketers believe that teenagers have eschewed email entirely in favour of text messaging.