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DIGITAL MARKETING NEWS: 'YouTube' for marketers launched

A "YouTube for business" has been launched by media clippings service Newslink.

Tradeclips will be the world's first full-service video, audio, text and picture media sharing site for the communications industries.

Tradeclips will offer the media and digital content community a way to store, manage, publish and syndicate all types of digital media files.

The launch of Tradeclips is a response to the rapid growth of digital media content in the business sector and the need to manage digital assets such as images and video.

Tradeclips features include fast, secure upload of all digital media files, including video, audio, text, photo and support for all Microsoft Office documents, syndication of material to existing and new contacts at the click of a button and distribution of multiple media files via Tradeclips' ‘Packages' service, allowing users to link related media files for ease of viewing by recipients.

Tradeclips' will also allow a constant communications stream into news decision makers via its own media relationships with an established database of major UK news outlets.

Tradeclips' CEO, James Powell-Tuck said, "The rich experience of online news which uses video, images and text is now common, but managing this content is increasingly causing businesses logistical and financial headaches."

The service will officially be launched 19th November 2009.