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DIGITAL NEWS: Apple's WWDC announcements

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote speech unveiled an array of suprises which will no doubt please its following. The tech giant announced a range of hardware developments and a software overhaul.

The big software announcements that marketers should be aware of include:

OS X Maverick
Apple has named its new operating system Maverick. It places priority on search and navigation, incorporating tags and multiple tabs in the finder window.

The operating system features new calendar and game centre software. Apple has also modernised its phone and messaging apps design in keeping with the brand.

In the biggest redesign the operating system has seen since its launch, Apple have made changes to the way the phone displays background photos through tracking hand motion. iOS7 will also include a 'Control Centre' allowing users immediate access to volume, flashlight and airplane mode from any location. 

iCloud will now have iWork integration. Microsoft Office documents can be edited in iCloud and users can access their files from PCs as well as Macs.

Other updates
The California based firm announced the launch of an iTunes Radio which will be integrated into the iOS operating system. The product, which has been compared to Spotify, will be free for all users and and ad-free for customers of iTunes Match.

Apple also rolled out updates to some of its standard features. For example, Siri's new update includes a male and female voice. Both voices sound more life-like and will support several other languages. The range of questions Siri can answer has also been expanded.

Apple has said that these announcements will be rolled out in Autumn.