DIGITAL NEWS: Average person spends over three hours online each day

The average person spent three hours and seven minutes online each day in 2012, according to a new infographic released by Voucher Codes Pro.

The average time spent online has increased from two hours 56 minutes in 2011. 

Meanwhile, the average amount of time spent watching TV, per person, has decreased from five hours 27 minutes in 2010, to five hours five minutes in 2012. Plus, the amount of time spent listening to the radio as well as reading newspapers and magazines have also lessened in recent years.

Voucher Codes Pro believes this could be down to the popularity of social channels.

Twitter has around 500 million users, who tweeted 170 billion times last year and spend an average of 170 hours on the network a month.

Facebook has a total of 1.1 billion monthly users, who average 20 minute visits, and write around 36 monthly posts.

Meanwhile, the one billion unique users who visit YouTube each month upload around 72 hours of video to the site every minute, totalling over four billion hours of video a month. 

George Charles, MD, Voucher Codes Pro said: “It’s fascinating to take a look at the infographic we have created and see the difference in online activity today compared to three years ago. It really does put into perspective the overwhelming power of the internet and social media, and one cannot help but question where we could potentially be in terms of this kind of technology in the next five or 10 years.”