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DIGITAL NEWS: Google launches new version of Maps for iOS

Google has launched a new version of its Maps app for iOS devices with a dedicated tablet design, a week after a new Maps app launched on Android.

Google Maps for iOS 2.0 features turn-by-turn navigation, public transportation infomation, live incident reports and biking directions and navigation.

The new app Explore functionality is a fast and easy way to visually browse and discover new places without even typing. By tapping the search box and users can see cards showing places to eat, drink, sleep and shop. 

The app will also include indoor maps with walking directions are also available in certain locations, such as shopping centres, airports and stations.

The internet giant has added a new five star rating system which allows users to read and compare how others rate places such as restaurants, bars and cafes. 

It is also now avaliable on desktop. 

Image courtesy of Google