DIGITAL NEWS: Google launches Views community

Google has launched a new community called Views, which allows users to publicly share their photos of places by contributing photo spheres to Google Maps.

Photo spheres are 360º panoramas which be created with the camera in Android 4.2 or higher. Users can also share panoramas created with your DSLR camera.

To upload 360º photo spheres, users need to sign into the site with their Google+ profile and click the blue camera button at the top of the page.

This allows individuals to import existing photo spheres from Google+ photos. Users can also upload 360º photo spheres to Views from the Gallery in Android by tapping ‘Share’ and then selecting Google Maps. 

Plus, Views incorporates the Street View Gallery, which allows users to see panoramas of the most popular Street View collections. 

Evan Rapoport, product manager at Google Maps & Photo Sphere, said in a blog post: “So, when you’re on your next adventure, don’t forget your camera and your Android phone to create and share some photo spheres of places that inspire you... we can’t wait to see them! “

Image via Google