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DIGITAL NEWS: IBM launches new CMS service

IBM has launched a web content management system Digital Experience.   

The new Digital Experience software allows companies to deepen engagement, uncover customer sentiment and build loyalty with their desired audience. The advanced capabilities include:

  • Mobile experiences: Using the new software CMOs and their teams can quickly design a single mobile application that can then be viewed on multiple devices to ensure a consistent  brand experience as customers move between screens. When combined with IBM’s customer experience technology, e-commerce and customer service professionals can quickly assess the quality of a visitor's experience.
  • Analytics and optimisation: Through digital analytics capabilities, marketing and customer service professionals can analyse customer activity on a specific channel, such as a mobile device, or a web page. These unique views can gauge the behaviour of customers across all digital channels at any time, identify patterns and then adjust plans based on this insight to out-maneuver the competition. 
  • Omni channel media creation: Non-technical business employees can quickly and easily create compelling video content that can be viewed anywhere including a business' website, smart phones and tablets as well as social media destinations such as Facebook. 
  • Social interaction: It delivers integration with its premier social business platform allowing companies to embed social experiences within the company portal or social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, so customers and employees can more easily interact with one another. Using social analytics, a brand can capture the sentiment of customers and employees and take action based on the data to be more responsive to their needs.

Larry Bowden, vice president of Digital Experience software at IBM, said: "The digital era is being driven by the proliferation of mobile and social networks which have transformed the way organisations engage their key audiences.

"To succeed, companies must look beyond websites to create digital experiences that marry analytics, deeper social engagement, compelling content and design for mobile delivery in order to engage audiences on their terms and on their time."