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DIGITAL NEWS: Lexisnexis hires EHS brann for E-CRM initiative

Legal and tax publisher Lexis Nexis has appointed EHS Brann (and extended the remit of sister agency, EHS Brann Discovery) to redesign its website and introduce an E-CRM (electronic customer relationship management) system in a bid to move a greater percentage of its customers online.

Richard Fish, senior account manager at EHS Brann Discovery, comments, “Lexis Nexis is moving away from print. It's more economical for them to publish the law books and law updates online.

“We hope to arrive at an e-commerce engine, similar to Amazon, which will greet customers and suggest other products they might be interested in. At present there's no recognition.”

Before the E-CRM system is introduced the website will be completely redesigned. Fish adds, “At present is a busy, big and difficult to navigate site. We will make it less content heavy and easier to navigate. At the moment they're putting everything online which is possibly not the best way.”

EHS Brann is currently working with Lexis Nexis (which is part of Reed Business International) on the first phase of this strategy. This includes assessing the website in its current state, benchmarking it against the competition's and running focus groups on its main users.

The redesigned website should be up and running by the end of the year.


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