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DIGITAL NEWS: Microsoft & Blackberry cut prices to boost sales

Microsoft and Blackberry have cut prices on flagship products in a bid to boost business.

Microsoft has dropped the price of the 32GB Surface RT from £400 to £279 in the UK.

Meanwhile, Blackberry has cut the price of its Z10 phone to $49 with a contract in the US. This is down from $199 four months ago.

Both tech firms have tried to compete against Apple, Google and Samsung smartphones and tablets but they have had limited success.

Blackberry has reported an $84 million loss for its last quarter and refused to comment on how many devices running BB10 it sold. However, the firm said it shipped one million Z10s in the first three months of 2013.

Microsoft's Surface tablet is intended to challenge the iPad and Android-based tablets. Recent figures IDC figures show that around 900,000 of the 49.2 million tablets shipped in January to March were Surfaces .

Other Windows-powered tablets totalled 1.8 million units sold across all vendors. But, Apple's iPad and iPad Mini accounted for 19.5 million of tablets sold.