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DIGITAL NEWS: WebbMason launches cross-channel marketing automation platform

Integrated and services company, WebbMason, has unveiled a marketing automation solution for the creation, sourcing, deployment and measurement of integrated marketing programmes, MarketingBench 2.0.

MarketingBench 2.0 centrally manages print collateral, promotional items and event promotion in addition to digital marketing.

Doug Traxler, chief development officer and executive vice president, sales and marketing at WebbMason said: “The central principle of cross-channel marketing is engaging the customer through the right channel at the right time. First generation marketing automation solutions focus on digital channels - mainly email and social. MarketingBench 2.0 is truly multi-channel and cross-channel.

 “MarketingBench 2.0 automates the integration of physical marketing programs and assets such as direct mail, brochures and point-of-purchase displays, and digital marketing into a unified campaign.”