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DIRECT MARKETING: B2B marketers get lazy with direct mailers

B2B marketers are guilty of ‘dirtying the name of DM', according to a survey from - the online subsidiary of data management specialists The Read Group.

The survey studied the DM activities and attitudes of 300 SMEs and found that B2B marketers are not spending money on updating their company data, instead opting to flood the market with ‘junk mail'.

Myb2bonline warns that this could result in tough legislation being imposed on the industry, highlighting the struggle B2C direct marketers are going through to clear the tag of ‘junk mail'.

Of the one billion direct mailers sent to businesses in the UK every year, 184 million items are being sent to companies which have moved or ceased trading. Marcus Oxlade, business development manager of myb2bonline says it is possible for businesses to avoid sending poorly targeted campaigns. "B2B is a potentially lucrative market for those brave enough to make simple, cost effective changes that could make all the difference to the success of a campaign."

Ian Lovatt CEO of Blue Sheep, believes businesses need to integrate their mailers into a larger campaign strategy.  He says, "Single channel economy of scale direct marketing campaigns are no longer sustainable."