DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Citroën sends digital DM

Citroën has launched an interactive direct mail campaign to promote its new DS5 model to dealers and customers.

The campaign, designed by We Are Acuity, requires respondents to download an app, created by print-to-mobile specialists Digital Space, and scan the digital watermarks that are embedded in the pictures. Recipients will then be able to view nine images and three videos.

As highlighted in B2B Marketing’s recent feature on direct mail, DM works best when personalised. Citroën wanted to achieve extensive levels of personalisation so created 192 versions of the mailer. A total of 200,000 were sent, with 80,000 going to dealers.  In a bid to measure the success of the piece, all interactions within the app can be collected.

Peter Cronin, managing director of Acuity, said, “Social media is particularly topical, as well as other emerging technologies and apps. However, print is still a great method of communicating with customers en masse. In spite of the unprecedented levels of personalisation now achievable by digital print, the vast majority of direct mail still follows a fairly generic model of a standard print piece, possibly personalised with a dealer’s details. This new approach represented a great opportunity for Citroën UK to further stand out from its competitors.”