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DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Interoute launches Mona Lisa themed campaign

Interoute, provider of high definition video conferencing (HDVC) services, has launched a direct mail marketing campaign based on the Mona Lisa.

The direct mail campaign, created by Brand Culture Sport & Entertainment (BCSE), features a cardboard tube containing a rolled up canvas, which when unrolled reveals the Mona Lisa, with her famous smile pixelated. A swing tag carries the message ‘Are you seeing the complete picture?’. Inside the tube it explains the importance of seeing and hearing your colleagues clearly.

The company who provides services to international businesses across Europe and owns Europe’s largest voice, video and data network, is positioning the campaign to open up dialogue around important communication with senior executives and decision-makers in medium to large businesses across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Jonathan Brown, marketing director at Interoute, commented, “In our market getting through to enterprise executives is a constant challenge. Rather than simply focusing on the productivity and travel efficiency gains high definition video conferencing brings, Brand Culture has created a campaign that engages and provokes a conversation, while still conveying a benefit lead proposition that helps us to stand out from the competition.”

The campaign is due to hit in conjunction with London’s Da Vinci exhibition, which is being held at the National Gallery until Feb 2012.