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DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Lloydspharmacy launches B2B direct marketing campaign

Lloydspharmacy is launching a B2B direct marketing campaign aimed at Drug and Alcohol Action Teams (DAATs).

The campaign, devised by marketing agency TDA, is designed to promote the pharmacy’s substance misuse service and how it can benefit the DAATs and their clients. Activity includes direct mail, email and add banners on Lloydspharmacy’s B2B site.

The theme of the campaign is empathy and understanding as Lloydspharmacy wanted to show it understood the pressures DAATs face. Peter Wilton, head of brand and marketing communications at Lloydspharmacy said, "We want to relieve some of this pressure by offering enhanced services that make it easier for them to achieve government targets and, more importantly, to provide better care for the people who need it most."