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DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Royal Mail launches campaign to boost DM

Royal Mail has launched a DM campaign to encourage advertisers and marketers to use the medium.

The national postal carrier has worked with Proximity London once again to create a campaign aimed predominantly at first time users or those who haven’t opted for DM for some time. The direct mail piece will encourage recipients to visit a microsite where users can determine how much information they see.

The campaign supports Royal Mail’s Advertising Mail, the service allows advertisers to send DM from 16.3p per item. Antony Miller, head of market development at Royal Mail, said, “This campaign hinges on highlighting the tangible impact adding direct mail into the mix can have on a brand’s bottom line. Over 80 advertisers have already taken advantage of the Advertising Mail promotion since its launch, sending over 14 million items in the incentive’s first three weeks.”

Royal Mail launched a similar campaign aimed at advertisers earlier in the year. Click here for mre information.