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DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: Royal Mail launches re-engagement DM campaign

Royal Mail has launched a campaign to promote the use of DM among advertisers and agencies.

The campaign, designed by Proximity London, encourages recipients to access a microsite via a PURL. The microsite offers recipients a free copy of The Little Red Book of Bigger Returns - designed to demonstrate the most effective ways to integrate DM into a campaign.

The DM piece will be sent to 5000 individuals at the top 3000 advertisers and agencies and will include an incentive of a 25 per cent discount for those who have not used DM for two years or more.

The campaign coincides with research - by Brand Science - that reveals integrating DM can increase ROI from an average of £2.81 to £3.40.

Anthony Miller, head of media development at Royal Mail, said, "The Brand Science study shows the growing importance of integrated campaigns and the effective role direct mail plays alongside other marketing activities. Finding the right balance of channels to reach increasingly fragmented audiences will be the key to successful marketing strategies in 2011."

The study is being promoted via Royal Mail's website,