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DIRECT MARKETING NEWS: TNT Post gives marketers a smelly opportunity

Direct mail will now be able to come with its own unique scent to further market a product with TNT Post's new adScents service.

TNT Post say its ‘scratch and sniff' range of scents can be used across a range of industries and opportunities, from product launches to party invites and can transport the user to a desert island, rain forest or the inside of a new car.

Marketers will be able to create their own signature fragrance. TNT Post says the service increases "campaign recall as the scent creates an immediate emotional engagement with the target audience the minute they handle the mail item."

Nick Wells, chief executive of TNT Post UK says the product is sure to get up the nose of customers "In these tough economic times, it is important that marketing spend demonstrates an improved ROI and adScents gives our clients the opportunity to get better cut through whilst outing a smile on the face of their customers."

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