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DM NEWS: Royal Mail spends £70 million to improve business mail


Royal Mail is investing £70 million pounds in an effort to keep direct mail communications relevant to businesses.

The investment will see barcodes added to letters so large companies can track the mail they send and know when it will be delivered. 

The addition of barcodes to mail communications is designed to improve the effectiveness of marketing mail campaigns and help marketers integrate DM with other communications by knowing exactly when their DM will land.

The initiative is currently open to 47 companies who mail more than eight million items a day, including DVLA. It is expected to be rolled out to all of Royal Mail’s business contract customers over two years.

Stephen Agar, Royal Mail’s managing director of consumer and network access, said: “The introduction of this new barcode technology to letters will enable businesses to track the progress of bulk mail consignments through the postal network, helping them to improve their own efficiency and customer service.”