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Email marketing effectiveness is improving among marketers

Two-thirds of marketers have seen a modest or significant increase in revenue in the past fiscal year, while 50% report their email marketing effectiveness has improved.

That's according to research published by Demand Metric and Return Path. Respondents who reported their email effectiveness is improving were five times more likely to have specific email marketing objectives in place. The top three objectives are: Communicate with customers, communicate with prospects, and build brand awareness.

Battle for the inbox

However, more than half reported competition for attention in the inbox is fierce, while 41% reported staffing and resource constraints as a problem. The study revealed only 6% of marketers are not experiencing any email marketing challenges. 

Those struggling with open rates were five times more likely to report a significant decline in revenue growth, while those with growing revenues were more than twice as likely to know what other brands are emailing their subscribers.

John Follett, a researcher at Demand Metric, said: “Marketers as a group are finding it increasingly difficult to engage with their audience in a meaningful way, and it’s fascinating to see how technology is helping with that challenge. It seems simple, but understanding how your audience is going to see your campaign clearly makes a difference.”

Results-driven email marketing and automation

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