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EMAIL MARKETING NEWS: Benchmark the success of your email marketing

B2B Marketing, the online community for B2B marketing experts, has unveiled its latest Benchmarking Report on email marketing.

The Email Marketing Benchmarking Report, produced in association with Circle Research, provides robust insight into trends, attitudes, metrics and investment in email marketing for B2B brands. The comprehensive research polled 250 client-side marketers to create a benchmark of what methods of email marketing gets them the best results to boost the performance and success of emails.

Joel Harrison, editor of B2B Marketing, said, “Despite the growth of social media and concerns over inbox overload, our latest benchmarking report has found that email still continues to be a critical weapon in the armoury of B2B marketers.”

The research looks at key areas such as usage and frequency of email marketing; email marketing budgets and allocation; database relevance and accuracy; ROI and measurement; as well as use and performance of email marketing.

B2B marketers can use the report to meet their email marketing objectives. It is a key resource for anyone involved in using email as a key communications tool, heads of interactive or online marketing, heads of marketing, marketing communications managers, marketing directors, marketing executives, marketing managers, vice presidents of marketing.

Download the report.