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EMAIL MARKETING NEWS: Sender gender matters for email marketing

Emails sent by women achieve higher click-through rates (CTR) than those by men.

Marketing automation consultancy, CleverTouch analysed a sample of 1042 emails and revealed those sent from women achieved a CTR of 18 per cent compared to a 10 per cent CRT on emails sent from men.

Analysing the contentious issue around what time and day is best to send an email, the results show despite popular belief, Mondays and Fridays have no significant difference in open rates when compared to the middle days of the week. CleverTouch also revealed afternoon sends performed slightly better than mornings with average CTR being 14 and 12 per cent respectively.

Adam Sharp, MD and founder at CleverTouch, said, “No longer is it spray and pray, marketing now should engage at the right point and tell a story. Get this right and one-off interactions become qualified leads.”